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Founded by Wolf CR, Noa Egozi, and Ryan Feyk in 2019, the VTT is a scrappy, ambitious group of theatre practitioners determined to stoke a trend of profound, live theatrical experiences across the theatre world.


Our focus is the immeasurable complexity of human relationships. Rather than serving our audience a broad, unmistakable thesis, we prefer to inspire them with authentic acts of courage, struggle, and compassion.


We will accomplish this by staging visceral, exhilarating performances. We will combine the demanding rehearsal methods conceived by the great theatre artists before us, with the long overdue awareness of safety, mutual respect, intersectionality, and social justice that must be the industry standard of the 21st century.


We make theatre that promotes a world built on collaboration, innovation, creativity, and belonging.

Our goal is to inspire meaningful growth within society. This is not possible without the free exchange of ideas, nourished by a rich diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

Our casting process actively prioritizes expanding opportunities for the most vulnerable in our community as well as underrepresented artists. It is essential our collaborators feel safe, heard, and respected. All artists associated with VTT have a responsibility to uphold these values.

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